Fall 2015 Truman Lecture

Fall 2015 Truman Lecture Series Promotional Flyer

We are pleased to announce that the Fall 2015 Truman Lecture entitled, "King Athelstan and the Possible Anglo-Saxon Origin of Speculative Freemasonry" will be presented by Paul Weldon Johnston.

Tickets will be available for purchase at the Missouri Lodge of Research table during the Grand Lodge Annual Communication. You may reserve tickets in advance by contacting the Grand Lodge Office at 573-474-8561.

MWB Paul Weldon Johnston hails from the industrial city of Newcastle in the north of England where he still finds time to work in his capacity of Managing Director of no less than 4 companies. He is a Past Master of Conside Lodge No. 7179 in the Province of Durham under the United Grand Lodge of England. Within the same Province he was instrumental in the formation of Beamish Temple Lodge No. 9815 a Lodge that commemorates the Edwardian period of freemasonry just prior to the outbreak of World War 1. Meeting in the stately hall splendour of the former family seat of ‘Bobby Shaftoe’ their members meet in full Edwardian garb and work rituals compiled by Paul based upon his extensive research.

In the Masonic community Paul is better known as the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Masonic Order of Athelstan. Serving as its Grand Secretary for 5 years and then Grand Master for the past 3 years, Paul assisted in the introduction of that Order in the United States and it is true to say that his popular personality has contributed to its astonishing world-wide growth.

He has become a leading authority on King Athelstan, his influences of early operative masonry including the York legend and the rise of the Antient Charges and it is fitting that his Truman Lecture covers the hotly debated ‘origin myth’ of what we now term speculative Freemasonry.

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